Flyer Suol says Hello Monday! Open Air #9 - Atjazz, Black Loops & more

Suol says Hello Monday! Open Air #9 - Atjazz, Black Loops & more

Achtung: die Veranstaltung hat bereits am Montag, 14. August 2017 stattgefunden.
Datum und Zeit Montag, 14. August 2017
14:00 Uhr
Location IPSE Club
Vor dem schlesischen Tor 2b
10997 Berlin

outdoors at the canal from 2pm till late. Free entrance.
Atjazz (Atjazz Record Company)
Black Loops (Toy Tonics, Neovinyl)
meggy (Suol)
Luvless (Velours Records, Rose Records)

Hello Monday,
For too long Mondays have been neglected as a tough and discouraging weekday, that mostly is associated with the slap of reality hitting peoples faces the second they step out of bed.
Well, we at Suol are tired of it and are now taking actions by giving you a reason to look forward to it - HELLO MONDAY !
Over the course of THIS summer, our goal is to bring the underrated weekday back into the minds of music lovers, with free and sunny events at the beautiful outdoor venue Ipse, for all those of you who want to push the weekend a bit further.
Take an extended lunch break in the early afternoon, hang out with your bff by the scenic canal, or dance your socks off later in the evening. We provide the music, the drinks and the food, you just bring a friend and enjoy the summer vibe.
The artists we’ve chosen to work with, range from household names to best-kept secrets of quality soulful house music, which is the signature imprint of the Suol sound. The line-ups are therefore a broad selection of Suol’s family, friends and artists we deeply admire.

With friendly support from Lemonaid.

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